All the places of

All the places of "Commissario Montalbano"


a famous and popular TV series in Sicily

There is a Sicily to be discovered that is a popular destination for many, also because it is the setting for television series, commercials and films on TV and cinema. Picturesque views full of history and culture that today, are staples of Sicilian tourism.

The television series "Il Commissario Montalbano", inspired by the novels of Andrea Camilleri, has managed to provide a detailed representation of Sicily, a mixture of unspoiled nature, paradisiacal beaches and cultural crossroads that best tell the history of this territory.

The police commissioner often finds himself having to solve intricate cases by going to places with imaginative names that nevertheless really do exist, so much so that many are curious about where the Montalbano series was shot and whether there really is a municipality of Vigata, the commissioner's village of origin in the province of Montelusa, a place of fantasy that, in the television drama, includes many others from eastern Sicily and, in particular, from the province of Ragusa.

The residence of Montalbano, in Punta Secca, is a TV set that overlooks the beach of Marinella, a hamlet of Santa Croce Camerina, which offers a charming view of the sea where the inspector usually takes relaxing swims.

The police station where Montalbano is intent on solving cases is none other than the Municipality of Scicli with its baroque style, unmistakable and distinctive, characteristic of this territory. Piazza Busacca, which also appears often, is one of the most important squares in the town.

An episode, "The shape in the water", is also set in Scicli, at the seaside resort of Sampieri, where the historic furnace is instead a mannara, that is the enclosure for a flock.

Finally, the Donnafugata Castle in Ragusa, a nineteenth-century residence that hosted the episode "The trip to Tindari" and the setting of the well-known "Gli arancini di Montalbano", also hosted the wedding of Luca Zingaretti and the actress Luisa Ranieri on June 23rd, 2012.

Many other places in Sicily are at the center of episodes of the drama: among these, the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the square in Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Ispica, Comiso, Noto, Tindari and Pozzallo, just to name a few. All wonderful places that have been the background to Montalbano's tales, among enchanting landscapes and historical monuments, witnesses to a past, the Sicilian one, to be discovered and experienced in person.

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