The Greek journey in Sicily

The Greek journey in Sicily


The ancient Greek civilization, with its expansion throughout the Mediterranean, left vivid bits of evidence in Sicily, one of the most important outposts of Magna Graecia. The Greeks initially colonized the south-eastern area and then went west, building cities and erecting temples and historic buildings of great archaeological value. The genius of Greek architects has left its mark on a large part of the island: for passionate visitors below, we suggest an itinerary to make it possible to discover the most representative places of this culture. 

We suggest starting this journey in the history of Greek Sicily from the city of Syracuse, cradle of Sicilian myths, queen of the ancient Greek cities of the island that gave birth to Archimedes; the fascinating district of Ortigia Island is definitely worth a visit.

Continuing along the route towards Catania, it is possible to visit Megara Iblea (Augusta) and its archaeological area which has maintained the original urban layout, as well as the archaeological park of Neapolis.

Near Catania, the archaeological park of Lentini preserves the remains of a temple and an ancient necropolis dating back to the4th -3rd century BC; continue on to the Giardini Naxos, the first Greek colony in Sicily (the origins date back to 734 BC) and Taormina where the wonderful theater built in the third century B.C. stands

Morgantina, in the hinterland of the province of Agrigento, is one of the most interesting sites where the archaeological museum of Aidone stands; this museum houses the Goddess of Morgantina, a statue sculpted in the fifth century. B.C.; but the true Hellenic masterpiece is the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, a Unesco heritage site, which is the largest archaeological site in the world.

In the province of Trapani, most outstanding are the imposing temple and theater of Segesta, which rise up among the hills, and Selinunte, a Doric stronghold, the largest archaeological park in the Mediterranean (270 hectares) with its enormous ruins and temples that embellish Greek Sicily.

Finally, you reach Palermo where you will find Solunto, a great archaeological witness to the past, and the site of Himera, a Greek colony on the Tyrrhenian coast that includes the ancient town and the antiquarium: these are the last stages of a journey into the past that will remain etched in your memory.

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