The black pearl of the Mediterranean. - Pantelleria

The black pearl of the Mediterranean.

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Pantelleria is an island of a thousand shades. - Pantelleria

Pantelleria is an island of a thousand shades.

One of the hallmarks of Pantelleria are the “dammusi”, rural dwellings with thick walls and domed roofs: a type of construction that guarantees the cool temperature in summer and heat in winter, and that preserves rainwater, a scarce good on the island, in particular tanks.
The thermal springs - Pantelleria

The thermal springs

A great attraction for tourists are the various spa places that are distributed on the island and that make the island a real “wellness center” in the open air: visitors can in fact relax in the warm waters of Cala Gadir or tone up in the sulfur-rich waters and sludge of Lake Venus. The charming Benikulá Cave, with lava stone seats, houses a warm and humid natural sauna with steam coming out of a crevice.
Pantelleria also means mountains. - Pantelleria

Pantelleria also means mountains.

Pantelleria is also a perfect destination for mountains lovers. The main relief of the island reaches 836 meters and a dense network of trails(over 500 km between pines and silts) and is accessible by trekking enthusiasts. The Pantelleria National Park is equipped with signboards, for almost 100 km of trait, and provides those interested with a map of the itineraries that describes the type of route and the difficulty. You can also book organized tours , ranging from walking through the forests of sea pines, to the less demanding ones along the coast.
Diving Tours - Pantelleria

Diving Tours

In Pantelleria you can follow legit tours of archaeological divers:thanks to the numerous discoveries an underwater archaeological itinerary has been created, which allows divers to admire the findings directly on site, between 18 and 30 meters deep.

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