Donna Gabriella - Marsala

Donna Gabriella

  • Wine & food
  • Where: Marsala
  • Hours: 13:00
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Language: Italiano - Inglese
2,9 out of 5 based on 342 ratings

Donna Gabriella

A complete and refined gourmet experience

A guided tour of the winery and tasting of 5 wines paired with 5 classics of the sicilian cuisine.

 The journey begins with the tour of the historic cellars, passing from the underground barrique cellar to Sala delle Botti. It continues with the tasting of 5 wines paired with 5 classics of the sicilian cuisine. For extra virgin olive oil lovers, our Milleanni, a blend of autochthonous cultivars, is on the table.

The tasting includes two Donnafugata Icon Wines, Mille e una Notte and Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria DOC.


Wines to be tasted

  • Chiarandà

    Chiarandà 2020

  • Floramundi

    Floramundi 2021

  • Cuordilava D&G

    Cuordilava D&G 2019

  • Mille e una Notte

    Mille e una Notte 2019

  • Ben Ryé

    Ben Ryé 2021

Where the winery is located ?

Winery Etiquette

Tours and tastings require reservations, therefore requests without reservation are subject to availability at time of request.

In order to offer our guests the best experience possible please pay attention to two simple recommendations:

Children: if you are coming with children, please indicate this by checking the appropriate box at the time of booking, or contact us in order to better organize your experience at Donnafugata.

Pets: small four-legged friends are welcome, if they are inside the special pet carrier, for more information please contact us.

Last Reviews

December 2022
5 on 5

Greta è stata bravissima, ottima spiegazione e degustazione


Gentile Renata Maria, grazie per il suo feedback positivo e per aver scelto di visitare la nostra cantina. Ci fa molto piacere sentire che la visita e la degustazione siano state di suo gradimento. Speriamo di poterla accogliere presto presso le altre cantine Donnafugata per scoprire altri vini e nuovi territori. Un caro saluto, Team Hospitality

Laura M
October 2022
5 on 5

Visista spettacolare! Nicolò preparatissimo ci ha guidato in una visita indimenticabile. Tradizione e innovazione si sposano in questa azienda dando vita ad una realtà imprenditoriale lungimirante.


Gentile Laura, la ringraziamo per il suo feedback positivo. Ci fa molto piacere sentire che la visita presso le nostre cantine sia stata un'esperienza indimenticabile, grazie anche alla passione e alla dedizione del nostro staff che si impegna costantemente per trasmettere i valori della nostra azienda. Speriamo di potervi accogliere nuovamente in una delle altre cantine Donnafugata per vivere altre esperienze uniche. Un saluto, Team Hospitality

Luthor L
November 2017
5 on 5

Very nice place to learn much about Sicily and its wines. Donnafugata differs from the nearby ones as they do not produce any Marsala wine. But they have some of the most interesting and refined wines on the island at the moment (in my opinion). And with great style. The whites are pure poetry, featuring also some dessert wines from the tradition like the Ben rye'. My favourites are the Chardonnay, super dry and perfectly perfumed. The guides are very kind and very prepared, and the visit is of superior cultural value, featuring also the tasting of local specialities. A must.