Ben Ryé sotto le stelle - Pantelleria

Ben Ryé sotto le stelle

  • Wine and food
  • Where: Pantelleria
  • Hours: 21:00
  • Duration: 120 min.
  • Language: Italiano - Inglese
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Ben Ryé sotto le stelle

A gourmet tasting in the magical night of Pantelleria

A suggestive tasting of 5 prestigious labels paired with 5 classics of Pantelleria’s cuisine.

An unforgettable journey that begins with sipping a glass of Lighea, and continues with the discovery of the winery. The tasting continues with 3 pairings at the welcoming Social Table of the palazzotto pantesco (typical Pantelleria’s building).

The pairing with Ben Ryé under the stars concludes the experience among the alberello pantesco (bush-trained) vines, immersed in an enchanting and unique atmosphere.


Available only in July on Wednesday; in August on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Reservations are required 1 day in advance.

Wines to be tasted

  • Lighea

    Lighea 2018

  • Kabir

    Kabir 2018

  • Vigna di Gabri

    Vigna di Gabri 2017

  • Fragore

    Fragore 2016

  • Ben Ryé

    Ben Ryé 2016

Where the winery is located ?

Winery Etiquette

Tours and tastings require reservations, therefore requests without reservation are subject to availability at time of request.

In order to offer our guests the best experience possible please pay attention to two simple recommendations:

Children: if you are coming with children, please indicate this by checking the appropriate box at the time of booking, or contact us in order to better organize your experience at Donnafugata.

Pets: small four-legged friends are welcome, if they are inside the special pet carrier, for more information please contact us.