Open Cellars in Vittoria - Vittoria

Open Cellars in Vittoria

  • Wine and food
  • Where: Vittoria
  • Hours: 11:30
  • Language: Italiano - Inglese
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In the Vittoria estate, located in Acate, Donnafugata offers an exclusive program that begins with a visit to the vineyard, where you can learn about our sustainable viticulture. This beautiful valley, set between the Hyblean plateau and the sea, gives life to wines with a floral and juicy touch. After stepping by the verziere, with its tanks of Sicilian aromatic herbs, the visit will bring you to the futuristic cellar, to discover the secrets of winemaking.

The experience will proceed with the walk-around tasting of a selection of wines paired with local street food.

Included in your ticket, you can also subscribe – directly at the winery – to the Masterclass “Chiarandà: big bottles for great vintages”.

As always, the atmosphere of Cantine Aperte will be lively, brightened by music, and family-friendly, thanks to the kids entertainment.

Wines to be tasted

  • Rosa Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata

    Rosa Dolce&Gabbana e Donnafugata 2023

  • 2018

  • Lighea

    Lighea 2023

  • Bell'Assai

    Bell'Assai 2022

  • Floramundi

    Floramundi 2022

  • Contesa dei Venti

    Contesa dei Venti 2021

  • Kabir

    Kabir 2022

  • Ben Ryé

    Ben Ryé 2022

Where the winery is located ?

Winery Etiquette

Tours and tastings require reservations, therefore requests without reservation are subject to availability at time of request.

In order to offer our guests the best experience possible please pay attention to two simple recommendations:

Bambini: Children: if you are coming with children, please indicate this by checking the appropriate box at the time of booking, or contact us in order to better organize your experience at Donnafugata.

Pets: small four-legged friends are welcome, if they are inside the special pet carrier, for more information please contact us.


100 min

Donna Vittoria

A gourmet experience with refined pairings from Vittoria area

60 €