Cookies policy

This cookies policy describes types of cookies used by the website (the "Website"), the purpose of the cookies installed and ways in which a User can select or deselect cookies on the Website and use the services offered. It is issued pursuant to Articles 13, Paragraph 3 and 122, Paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 ("Personal Data Protection Code").

Cookies are used to make the Website easier to use and more intuitive, as data collected by cookies is used to make the browsing experience more enjoyable and more efficient in the future.


Cookies are small text files placed on a user’s computer by websites visited by the same, where they are stored before being transmitted back to the same website the next time the user visits it. So called third-party cookies are set by websites other than the one the User is visiting. This is because each website may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages from other domains, etc.) stored on servers other than that of the website visited.

The term cookies refers to cookies, in the strictest sense of the word, as well as all similar types of technology. Cookies are used to access online services more quickly and to improve user navigation by monitoring sessions, storing user information, loading content more quickly, etc.

Cookies may be

  • First-party cookies: these are proprietary cookies used by the Website owner to enable the User to navigate the Website more efficiently and/or monitor actions performed by the same;
  • Third-party cookies: cookies set by a Website other than the one the User is currently visiting to enable the same to navigate the Website more efficiently and/or monitor actions performed by the same.

Cookies are also divided into various types:

  1. Technical cookies: those used exclusively with a view to “carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, or insofar as this is strictly necessary to the provider of an information society service that has been explicitly requested by the contracting party or User to provide the said service.” (Privacy Code, Article 122, Paragraph 1). Technical cookies include:
    1. Browsing or Session Cookies: used to track user activity on the network. They allow the User to navigate and use the Website, for example making it possible to navigate the Website more quickly, make a purchase or authenticate themselves to access restricted areas, and are effectively necessary for its correct operation.
    2. Functional cookies: allow the User to navigate as a function of certain pre-determined criteria (such as language or products to be purchased) so as to improve the quality of the service provided.
  • First-party analytics cookies: can be equated to technical cookies insofar as they are used directly by the Website owner, without user profiling, purely to collect aggregate and anonymous information about the number of users and how they visit the Website for the purpose of statistics and to improve the performance of the Website.
  1. Third-party analytics cookies: made available by third parties, they can be equated to technical cookies as long as the third parties do not perform user profiling through the use of tools designed to reduce the cookies’ power of identification (for example, by masking important portions of the IP address) and without cross-referencing the information collected with other information already in their possession.

Technical cookies only require the publication of a Cookie Policy, without the need to request consent from the User.

  1. Profiling cookies: used to monitor the User’s web browsing and create a profile of his/her habits.
    1. First-party profiling cookies: installed by the Website owner to create profiles related to the User for the purpose of sending them ads in line with the preferences shown by the same during navigation. Given the highly invasive nature of these cookies in relation to the private lives of users, Italian and European legislation requires that users are given correct information about their use, have expressed their consent to the use of such cookies and that the Italian Data Protection Authority has been notified.
    2. Third-party profiling cookies: used by third parties that have full access to the information, therefore not in anonymous or aggregated form, which is cross-referenced with other data already in their possession. The Website does not have any direct control over single third-party cookies and cannot install them directly or delete them. Users are therefore encouraged to check the cookie policy on the website of the third party. The regulations in force require that users be given sufficient information about the use of these cookies, that they have expressed consent to their use and that the party using the data has informed the Italian Data Protection Authority.


This Website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Technical cookies: needed to make the Website usable, they enable basic functions, such as navigating through a page and allowing access to restricted areas of the Website. The Website cannot operate correctly without these cookies. The browser settings can be changed to accept or refuse this type of cookie. Please refer to the instructions provided by the specific browser used – see Point 6 below.
Cookies of this type used by the Website include:
Cookie name Supplier Type Duration and data transmittal Purpose
PHPSESSID HTTP - first-party cookie Session.

Data is sent to The Netherlands.

Stores user statuses in the various pages of the Website.
_ga HTTP - first-party cookie 2 years.

Data is sent to The Netherlands.

Records a unique ID used to generate statistical data about how visitors use the Website.
_gat HTTP - first-party cookie Session.

Data is sent to The Netherlands.

Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests
_gid HTTP - first-party cookie Session.

Data is sent to The Netherlands.

Records a unique ID used to generate statistical data about how visitors use the Website.
@@History/@@scroll|# HTML - third-party cookie Session.

Data is sent to the USA.

_pinterest_cm HTTP - third-party cookie 1 year.

Data is sent to the USA.

Used by Pinterest to trace the use of services.
  • Profiling cookies: statistics cookies that help to understand how users interact with the Website by collecting and reporting data anonymously. Marketing cookies are used to monitor visitors to Websites. The aim is to display ads that are relevant and of interest to individual users and therefore offer greater value for publishers and third-party advertisers.
Cookies of this type used by the Website include:
Cookie name Supplier Type Duration and data transmittal Purpose
fr HTTP - third-party cookie 3 months.

Data is sent to the USA.

Used by Facebook to provide a range of advertising products such as real time offers from third-party advertisers.
GPS HTTP - third-party cookie Session.

Data is sent to the USA.

Records a unique ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on the GPS geographic location.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE HTTP - third-party cookie 179 days.

Data is sent to the USA.

Test to check the connection speed of users on pages with integrated YouTube videos.
YSC HTTP - third-party cookie Session.

Data is sent to the USA..

Records a unique ID for statistics connected with which YouTube videos have been viewed by the user.
  • Unclassified cookies: cookies not yet classified, together with suppliers of individual cookies.
I cookie di questo tipo utilizzati dal Sito sono:
Cookie name Supplier Type Duration and data transmittal Purpose
privacy HTTP - first-party cookie 6 days.

Data is sent to The Netherlands.



With regard to third-party cookies, said third parties may perform user-profiling activities, without the knowledge of the Owner. For further information, please consult the privacy policies of the services listed. Note that third-party analytics cookies have reduced power of identification and are designed to allow users to monitor the Website in order to optimise the web platform and statistics (analytics). The legal basis that legitimises the processing of personal data for this purpose is found in the hypothesis set forth in Article 6, Paragraph 1, Letter b) of EU Regulation 679/2016, namely to allow the user to use the service requested.

Privacy policies for third-party cookies:


Cookies have a duration determined by an expiry date or a specific action, such as closing the browser set up at the time of installation. Cookies may be:

  • temporary or session: used to store temporary information, allowing users to link actions performed during a specific session. They are removed from the computer when the browser is closed.
  • persistent: used to store information, such as user login and password, to save the user from having to enter said information every time they visit a specific website. These remain stored on the computer even after the browser has been closed.

Personal data collected and processed following navigation of the Website will be kept for the time required to provide the service and deleted immediately after.  Technical and analytics cookies installed via the Website are temporary and are deleted automatically 15 days after their installation.

Personal data sent independently by users through tools on the website will be deleted after the service requested has been provided or a response has been sent to the same, within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of completion of said activity. This does not apply to data required for compliance with tax, financial and administrative requirements, to meet legal obligations or to document activities performed.

The duration of cookies used on the Website is shown in the tables in Point 3.


With regard to cookies that require consent, the first time a user visits the Website a banner is displayed containing a link to this full policy and request for consent to the use of cookies.

The user may express their consent by clicking on the OK button ACCEPT COOKIES.


Users can manage preferences related to cookies directly from their browser and prevent their installation by third parties. Using the browser preferences, it is also possible to delete cookies installed previously, including the cookie in which consent to the installation of cookies by this Website was saved. Disabling all cookies may affect the operation of this Website.

Users can find information and exercise their right to object to the tracking of cookies in their browser:

  1. Internet Explorer:;
  2. Google Chrome:;
  3. Mozilla Firefox:;
  4. Opera:;
  5. Apple Safari:

In addition, cookies may be disabled by requesting opt-outs directly to third parties or via the website, where it is possible to manage tracking preferences for most of the advertising tools.


With regard to the data processing mentioned above, the User has the right, at any time, to exercise the rights set forth in the Personal Data Protection Code (Article 7) and Regulation (Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21), namely the right to: a) access their data; b) request the rectification, updating, integration, deletion, limitation or portability of said data; c) object to the processing of said data; d) withdraw their consent to the processing of said data and e) lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority, in accordance with the procedures and instructions published on the website

To exercise said rights, please write to the Data Controller, which is: Tenute di Donnafugata S.r.l. Via S.Lipari,18, Marsala TP, mail; Fax 0923724211

Further information about the processing of personal data can be found via the following link

Donnafugata reserves the right to update this policy governing the processing of personal data.